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Motion Graphics/ ROTO Paint

We work with a number of international motion graphics and roto- paint artists in order to bring the creative vision to life. We've done projects for Disney, NFL, Honda, Angel Soft, etc to name a few. 


We specialize in show opens, graphic packages, presentation graphics. We work with a team in Los Angeles and India so we can deliver a high end product with any budget. We design, create, and deliver targeted graphic elements that represent each project with a distinct signature.

Tamale Jar's graphic design team is a partner. We take pride in learning about your project, understanding where the rest of the market is, and making your piece of it unique and memorable.

Every project needs something a little different and in this area, we lead the charge with originality and imagination.


We have a team that specializes in tasks like Roto, Matchmove, Compositing and Paint. 


We take pride in our ability to quickly deliver quality roto and paint shots.


Whether you're producing a feature and need wire removal or a vfx artist working on the invisible magic-  Give us a shot, you have better things to do than worry about your roto and digital paint! 

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